Jasmine Hemsley: The Face of Sahara London 2024

Jasmine Hemsley

Jasmine Hemsley, the renowned wellbeing expert, bestselling author, chef, and food & health writer is, for the second consecutive year, the face of Sahara London 2024.


Jasmine Hemsley Face of Sahara 2024

Jasmine Hemsley
The Radiant Face of Sahara London 2024

By WearAndStare

London, March 2024 — The fashion world is abuzz with excitement as Sahara London unveils its latest collection for 2024, and at the heart of this sartorial celebration stands the luminous Jasmine Hemsley. The renowned wellbeing expert, bestselling author, chef, and food & health writer has been chosen for the second consecutive year as the face of Sahara.  Jasmine’s presence complements the Sahara London brand – both are infused with colourful vibrant energy that transcends fashion.

The Jasmine Hemsley Edit: A Harmonious Fusion

Jasmine’s collaboration with Sahara is more than a marketing campaign; it’s a harmonious fusion of style, wellness, and conscious living. Known for her inspiring approach to wellbeing and health, Jasmine’s natural love for colour and print aligns seamlessly with Sahara’s ethos. From the statement Zen Garden print to lightweight linens, her favorite pieces from the Sahara ’23 collections burst into life with her radiant presence. It thus seem’s the most natural of expectations that the Jasmine Hemsley / Sahara London  symmetry should continue into 2024. 

The Sahara ’24 Collection: A Breath of New Life

Sahara’s Spring 2024 collection is a celebration of nature’s vibrant hues. Meditative neutrals dance with zesty greens, deep blues, with flashes of geranium red and warming pink. Each garment is meticulously crafted to harmonize effortlessly, transforming the act of getting dressed into a daily pleasure. Jasmine embodies this spirit, effortlessly blending comfort and elegance with ethical choices.

Holiday Ready Elegance

Travel light and bright with versatile beach-ready elegance. As worn by Jasmine, these versatile pieces from Sahara London transition seamlessly from beach to restaurant. Either lounge poolside in the Ikat Zig Zag Kimono or dine in the evenings in the Organza Linen Hessian Jumpsuit. All make a perfect go-to choice for comfort and style on vacation.

Jasmine Hemsley embodies Sahara’s essence—vibrant, conscious, and effortlessly chic. As she graces our front page at Wear & Stare, Sahara London 2024 becomes more than a collection; it becomes a lifestyle—a celebration of colour, comfort, and wellbeing.

For more on Jasmine Hemsley’s journey and Sahara’s Spring 2024 collection, visit Sahara London.

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