WearAndStare our premium fashion website is the ‘Ultimate Stop for Dresses and Accessories’. Started in 2011 as a result of an over enthusiastic eagle-eyed shopper who had to part with her surplus in the quest for peace and tranquillity and a cooperative web developer who catalogued for local ‘Dress Parties’. The catalogue attracted a large online following and ensuing stock and availability queries that made us realise that we were on to something and at the same time shortchanging our visitors by teasing them with beautiful dresses and accessories without an ability to purchase. We decided to do our bit to showcase and help sustain our favourite style and brands – resulting in the much scaled up version that we are today. Wear&Stare has stuck to the original ethos by selecting brands and fashion that we would wear or purchase ourselves to showcase with the added ability to purchase direct from the vendor. Sadly some of our favourites have succumbed to the market pressures over the years but we have still retained the spirit in the current catalogue – vintage, cute and quirky, English Heritage and the London look are all expressions that typify the product range.

Our primary audience are women with interests in contemporary and vintage fashion, formal wear, Family Health and Well-Being and British design labels. We are now complemented by USA facing WearAndStare.com with a similar projected audience and added region specific content.

Commercially we provide a marketplace and catalogue for major labels and showcase emerging labels, designers and outlets. We have affiliations with retail brands for which we receive a commission on sales. Some partnerships result from recommendation or by direct invitation through intermediary agencies. Unless otherwise stated we do not hold or despatch stock.

We were never ‘big’ on email marketing campaigns or having ‘members only’ subscription services, which has proved to be advantageous in recent security awareness initiatives such as the GDPR in Europe. As such we will seldom have a requirement for your personal or payment details – if you like a product from a vendor, the purchase link will take you to that vendor for payment or more choices in size, colour or even flash sale opportunities.

Fashion should be fun – so feel free to feel good, feel fashion !

W&S x