Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create a WearAndStare account ?

For goods purchased from a vendor, no. All payment details and customer services are processed offsite and directly with the vendor.

For goods supplied and shipped by WearAndStare we will need contact details in order to provide the service and support after sales queries.

A Product on the website is out of stock on the vendors website, why ?

We periodically refresh our advertised catalogue which primarily provides information about the product detail itself, unfortunately popular products can go of stock much quicker than our refresh rates. You can often register an interest with the vendor for when item is next available.

The price on the website is higher or lower than on the vendor website

We show a ‘Last Sale Price and an RRP where available at the time of posting the product. This price may change on the vendors due to special offers or flash sales or when a promotion has ended.

Why is there only one size or colour of the item I’m interested in ?

We do not aim to fully replicate a vendors entire inventory but rather to highlight examples from a product line. The information links will take you to the vendors website where you can choose the colour or size of your choice if available.

Can I order from your US facing website for delivery in my non US address ?

Yes and conversely you can order from the for delivery worldwide subject to the vendor shipping there either free or for a fee.

When can I see WearAndStare branded products ?

All available brands for a selected category are listed in the Filter Brands.

Do you publish articles from bloggers ?

Yes, subject to approval for honesty,integrity and being family friendly. we will not intentionally publish any material that defames, slanders or is prejudicial to any individual or groups of individuals

Do you do a newsletter ?

Not anymore. It reduces the risk of us annoying our users and their email addresses getting into the wrong hands. WearAndStare IS the newsletter going forward.

Do you operate an affiliate program ?


How can I advertise on ?

Contact us with your proposals:

Will you link to my blog or website ?

Yes, we will do a mutual link exchange with blogs or websites that have relevant information content e.g. designers, fashion or wellness events or news

I have a complaint about a product or content on your website. How do I bring it to your attention ?

In all cases email us : for complaints, suggestions or compliments.

Who are HDUK Limited ?

HDUK Limited provide the technical and management support for the WearAndStare website including restoring the website when something breaks, looking after our hosting, detecting and removing security risks and content management.