“Peggy” Wrap Dress in Navy Mayflower, Classic 1940s Vintage Style

"Peggy" Wrap Dress in Navy Mayflower, Classic 1940s Vintage Style


The Seamstress of Bloomsbury Vintage Dress


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The Seamstress of Bloomsbury vintage dresses are supplied by RocknRomance Vintage


WearAndStare UK are proud to be associated with RocknRomance Vintage as a supplier of vintage and retro styled and inspired dresses. All goods in our marketplace are dispatched from the vendor. We receive payment on commission for referrals.

About RocknRomance Vintage

RocknRomance are a modern fashion brand that produce “on trend” classic styled clothing for the modern woman, strongly inspired by the beautiful fashions of the 1940s & 50s.

Vintage dresses are very much “On Trend” at the moment, even with ladies that wouldn’t normally try the style.

RocknRomance vintage designs range from classically  sophisticated inspired by the beautiful and elegant feminine cuts of the 1940s right through to the fun more RocknRoll vibes of the early 1950s,

The brand is equally loved by women who love classic style and true vintage lovers alike… Along with more and more ladies from around the world that traditionally shop in the high street BUT would like to try something with a “Vintage Twist“, AND true lovers of authentic Vintage Style. This clothing range is so versatile and can be worn by anyone for day, evening or even work.

“Our styles lend themselves to the specific looks of PinUp, Rockabilly, Classic, Authentic & Swingtime. However, we also see a lot of customers who are not into vintage also wearing our clothing as the designs are simply easy to wear by all.”

RocknRomance Vintage



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“Peggy” Wrap Dress in Navy Mayflower, Classic 1940s Vintage Style

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