Hunter Women's Norris Field Neoprene Lined Boots. All Sizes

Hunter Women’s Norris Field Neoprene Lined Boots. All Sizes

Hunter Navy

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Love your Hunter wellies but need something to protect your from the cold along with the wet? These boots have been lined with 3mm of neoprene, a synthetic rubber that has excellent insulation properties, to keep your legs protected from biting winds. As with all Norris Field boots, it also features a supremely durable and hard-wearing soft rubber outer material, along with a high traction sole. Key features:Handcrafted wellington bootWaterproof soft rubberDurable and rugged designHigh-traction zig-zag tread3mm neoprene liningSemi matte finishPresented in exclusive Hunter packaging Please note that the boot you receive may feature an original red logo or a new green Hunter Field logo. All Norris boots will eventually feature a green logo on the front, but there will be a transition period. MANUFACTURER’S CODES:WFT1027RNL-NVY (Navy Blue) 924091-0WFT1027RNL-VTG (Vintage Green) 924091-1 FRENZYHUN HUNSAL17F BF17HUN HUNSS18 HUNAW18Read our blog for more about boot linings: Learn your linings!

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