Birkenstock Womens Sonora CT Adventure Crosstown Sandals. All Sizes

Birkenstock Womens Sonora CT Adventure Crosstown Sandals. All Sizes

Birkenstock Black


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This sandal is a combination of the lighter style Sonora style designed with an Adventure Crosstown sole. Enabling comfort all day long in a variety of scenarios. The straps are three, thinner structured adjustable straps ensuring a perfect fit. Two straps over the front of the foot and one positioned around the rear ankle. Along with the adjustable straps and anatomical shape design of the Crosstown Adventure sole. Has a reinforced heel area with support across the whole inner base sole made from hardwearing synthetic material Birko-Flor®. The outer sole uses classic cork and latex with a direct PU. A sandal offering flexibility and amazing grip, an activity-led sandal choice.Key Features:Ladies adventure sandalSonora sandle style(N) Narrow sole width Birko-Flor® upper sole material Three fully adjustable strapsSuede line anatomical footbedAdventure Crosstown sole unit Sole material: PU & cork/latex combinationManufacturer’s Code1013763 – Black (1302002 – 1302007)1013764 – Mocha (1302008 – 1302013)

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