Aigle Parcours 2 Iso Wellington Boots. All Sizes

Aigle Parcours 2 Iso Wellington Boots. All Sizes

Aigle Bronze Green

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The latest Parcours 2 ISO wellingtons have been created to support the roll of the foot. Its shock absorbing sole limits the impact on the heel, optimising movement which becomes lighter and less tiring. Technical trials found that they have twice the energy absorption capacity of the European standard and twice the grip of the original Parcours. The boot upper is made using Aigle’s unique Gomma Plus® rubber blend so the wellingtons are lightweight, flexible and above all durable. An amazing boot for hardwearing use that would be worn for long periods of time outside.Key FeaturesGomma Plus® natural rubber upper for comfort, strength and flexibilty.4.5mm neoprene insole and lining for insulation and temperature maintenance.3 density natural rubber shock absorbing sole offers cushioning, stability and abrasion resistance.MANUFACTURER’S CODES84217 Bronze Green 898237, 84218 Kaki Khaki Green, 84215 Brun Brown, 84219 Noir BlackRead our blog for more about boot linings: Learn your linings!

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