Dora Bridal Embellished Short Dress

Monsoon Dora Bridal Embellished Short Dress


Monsoon Ivory Wedding Dresses

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This elegant, timeless midi dress is ideal for brides who prefer a shorter dress length. It features a removable patterned mesh cover-up with bead and sequin embellishments and boasts a beautifully scalloped neckline. The sleeveless style is perfect piece for summer weddings, or swap the cape cover-up for a faux fur shrug if it’s cooler outside.

This ARTISAN piece includes intricate hand-embellishment. This highly skilled technique involves hand needlework to add beads and sequins to the fabric, giving our garments a unique look.

Created to ensure sustainable livelihoods for our garment makers, the ARTISAN clothing collection is a showcase of incredible handcraft and traditional techniques. Each piece from this collection guarantees a fair and ethical journey from design house to hanger, by way of skilled artisans across Asia.

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Monsoon Ivory Wedding Dresses supplied by Monsoon

About Monsoon

Monsoon is a brand with a distinctive identity drawing strong influence from the Far East. Monsoon’s in-house designed classic pieces combine feminine styling with exotic colour and beautiful fabrics.

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