1. :: WearandStare (London) leverages various new media channels to both acquire special interest content and also to provide worthwhile news and updates to our users. Examples of these are Email, Twitter, Facebook, SMS etc.
  2. :: WearandStare (London) does interpret a subscribers willingness to receive updates as a right or an invitation to express irrelevant or prejudicial views – we endeavour to excercise good judgment and that common sense should prevail in what ever content or news we publish through any channel.
  3. :: All communications from WearandStare (London) will have a traceable author and user views will be moderated ahead of publication.
  4. :: WearandStare (London) will endeavour and make best effort not to alienate any sector of the community, will remain politically,culturally and religiously neutral in communications that originate with us and endeavour to remove or reduce the risk of repeat occurence should any contrary communication be relayed from a user or partner organisation.
  5. :: WearandStare (London) and its agents/officers will refrain from communication that can be interpreted as slurs, demeaning or inflammatory. Our communications are screened before despatching.
  6. :: WearandStare (London) is ‘Community’ focused and aware of the needs for mutual cooperation and support. We seek to find the right balance between what is personal or professional information and understand the role that transparency plays in building a community. We aim to participate in a community where our users feel comfortable sharing, connecting and receiving assistance.
  7. :: Copyrights and fair use. We will aim to give proper credit for the work(s) of others and not to pass off such works as being of our own originality or efforts.
  8. :: WearandStare (London) understands that we have an obligation to protect confidential or proprietary information and/or trade secrets. We consider it ‘bad judgment’ to share confidential or proprietary information via social media.
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