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WearAndStare , started in 2011 as the home of the original show and tell “Dress Party”  providing the convenience, accessibility and individual choice we always wanted in Women’s Dresses and Accessories.  Such was the popularity we quickly took the show ‘off the road’ and online:

The Ultimate Dress and Accessories Stop

Wear and Stare are based in South West London, United Kingdom and our aims haven’t changed much over the years – to showcase carefully selected beautiful dresses and accessories from select designers and fashion houses which we would (and do) wear ourselves.  In 2016 WearAndStare extended the experience to a wider viewing audience with WearAndStare.com centered around New  York and catering for more US and World styles and interests.

You will soon come to realise that we are not “Wear and Stare” purely for it being a catchy slogan – when you are individually matched to your ideal dress or fashion accessory  you will win appreciative ‘stares’ and compliments. Wear and Stare facilitates a winning combination of style and persona, whatever your body shape or spending power you should be able to –

Feel Good, Feel Fashion !


Wear & Stare